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Grooming for Men | Sephora Malaysia

Taking care of one's personal appearance doesn't come as naturally to men as it does to women. Nonetheless, outer appearance plays a part in our everyday interactions. Especially when it comes to doing business, a well-groomed image immediately strikes a good first impression on your clients or potential business partners. Furthermore, our personal image and also speaks volumes of our personal character. Thus, it is wise to invest in the appropriate skincare, hair care, and eye care products that would help us to present our best face forward. Moreover, especially for the men, Sephora stocks shaving tools and products that will turn shaving as an everyday chore into a welcome habit!

In comparison to the past where beauty and care products for men were almost negligible in the market, there is now a booming demand and supply of such products formulated especially for men. Sephora makes sure to bring you the best in the market! We have a sizable range of products from facial cleansers, toners, and moisturisers to hair styling products, eye care treatments and serums. Purchase SK-II's exclusive skincare regimen formulated for men, which comes in a set namely: the MEN Smart Set. Meanwhile, for an eye serum, we have Biotherm's Age Fitness Eye Advanced, which is formulated with micro-algae extracts that serve to smooth out persistent signs of fatigue on the skin under your eyes.

Look out for the Shaving Gel by SEPHORA COLLECTION, which enables a smooth shave and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised after. However, if you are keeping a beard, the Smoothing Beard Fluid from the same collection is also able to condition and soften your beard, making it easier to maintain. Given our range of products, there is no longer an excuse for guys to neglect the conditions of their skin,  hair or beard.

Aside from looking good, smelling good is also important for striking a good impression. Sephora provides a range of pleasant-smelling body washes, deodorants, aftershaves and fragrances. For the body, American Crew's Classic Body Wash gives off a subtle and masculine scent from a unique blend of spice and citrus. For the hair, Byrd has formulated a Pomade that gives off a light cologne scent when applied.

A well-groomed image has high pay-offs, such as forming good first impressions and giving one boosted confidence. Thus, make acquiring a clean-shaven, pleasant-smelling and smart appearance your personal business today. Buy from Sephora to enjoy fast deliveries and guaranteed authentic products.

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