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Eyeliner Malaysia

A touch of liner can drastically transform the way your eyes look. From edgy to soft, you can give these peepers a personality play depending on the way you apply your eyeliner. With the range of eyeliners in Malaysia on Sephora, you get to pick the right product that gives you the look you so desire, be it a smudgy, sexy evening look, or a dramatic cat eye that will turn heads.

A simple eyeliner pencil is so easy to use and gets the job done right. Choose from brands like Wet n Wild , ZOEVA , Sigma Beauty , or 3CE , which also offer various shades that bring out the colour of your eyes. While blacks and browns are conventional tones that can’t go wrong, you can now experiment via various other shades that will help you stand out and make a statement. For the beauty user who desires the ‘natural makeup’ look, Sigma Beauty also offers a collection of neutral colours which help you to set, shape and shade to your desired outcome.

Pencil Eyeliner: With the soft and creamy textures of these eyeliner pencils, you are free to change the way the lines appear on your eyes. Go for the natural definition, or smudge them gently with a brush or your finger, for a smokey gaze. Perfect for a night out! The soft liner texture comes in gel form, as well. We have a range of long-lasting, smooth gel eyeliners from Sigma Beauty , Luscious and 3CE .

Liquid Eyeliner: Want to achieve the classic cat eye? It all begins with a solid liquid liner that’s waterproof, smudge proof, and with a fine tip. Long-wearing liquid eyeliner from TheBalm , Luscious and LB Cosmetics ensures a perfect winged tip all day. What’s more, K-Palette’s 1-Day Magic Secret Liners are proven to be able to last from day to night. If you are not confident about using an eyeliner wand, you may get the additional guidance from liquid liner Mirenesse from ZOEVA and Mirenesse!

Worry not if you are unsure of how to wear eyeliner. Begin now with the most simple-to-use selections in our catalog! These liners do not come without a guide – we’ve got detailed and helpful application methods that you can find alongside our product information on each page. Don’t shy away from these pro tips. Start with these simple steps and you will be applying your liner confidently anytime, anywhere. From shimmer to matte options, conservative to funky colours, creamy to kohl, and singles to sets, Sephora in Malaysia has a choice that’s perfect for every interest and need. Get your favourite eyeliner type and more when you shop online with us today.

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