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4-Step Buffer

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    This nail buffer comes with numbered sides to guide your manicure process. It smoothens and shapes your nails to your desired look. While providing long-lasting shine for your nails, it also repairs damaged cuticles for a healthy appearance.


    • Contains 4 sides – file, smooth, buff, polish
    • Works great for finger and toe nails
    • Suitable for beginners to experts

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    • Following each step, gently rub the surface of your nails with the buffer.

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ratings & reviews
2 reviews

Gorgeous System

I am in love with 4 step systems, I have no qualms telling you. This is a low cost, high quality option which greatly enhances the sticking power of enamel. I do have two tiny niggles - the shine section can snag if you hit it wrong, and getting the nail near the cuticle is a little bit more difficult. Curved edges would probably fix this

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First of all, I'm pretty psyched that Luxola now carries Sephora stuff. I've been waiting for it to happen since reading that Sephora bought Luxola. This tool is pretty handy if you're the do-it-yourself kind of gal when it comes to nail care. And it's so inexpensive too!! Perfect!

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