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Rosa Centifolia™ Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser 100ml


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    A non abrasive 2 in 1. It works in two phases: firstly it cleanses the skin with exfoliating beads made from Jojoba Wax. The wax microbeads will gently lift and exfoliate dead skin cells and other pollutants. Secondly, the wax melts to indicate that the exfoliation phase is finished. The melted Jojoba Wax then deeply hydrates to firm and plump up the skin. 


    • Removes excess dead skin to leave the skin feeling smooth and invigorated.
    • Cools and freshens the skin to revive and restore a healthy looking complexion.
    • Gentle facial scrub for all skin types especially for Sensitive and Reactive skin.
    • Does not cause irritation due to the gentle microbeads of Jojoba Wax.

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2 reviews

Gentle exfoliation

I have normal skin and I exfoliate once a week. It gives my skin a nice buff, leaving it feeling fresh and looking radiant. Has a very mild, clean fragrance. I love this brand as it has no nasty ingredients too. This gets 4 stars as the packaging is not that great. The lid is a bit hard to open and a lot of product comes out if you're not careful. 

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REN can do no wrong

love this exfoliating cleanser! i use this twice a week and unlike other exfoliating cleaners, your face wouldn't feel like it just got stripped of all moisture. definitely give this a try if youre looking for exfoliating cleansers. the beads aren't too big and rough too.very gentle.

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