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Best 10 Collagen Cushion Lift Off 5 Piece Kit

1 reviews

RM247.00 RM247.00 RM247.00 RM247.00

23 Mocha

21 Vienna

13 Vanilla

25 Bronze

23 Mocha 21 Vienna 13 Vanilla 25 Bronze

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    Kit contains:

    * 10 Collagen Cushion Compact Foundation options of: 21.Vienna, 23. Mocha, 13. Vanilla or 25. Bronze: The next generation of “ Repairing Super Serum Foundations” Encased in a portable liquid infused cushion compact. Injected with Collagen inducing Tissue Growth Factor Fluid, an ideal wrinkle repairing molecule touted to be more powerful than many of the common peptides it can be considered an effective alternative to collagen injections.  

    * Secret Weapon 24hr Supreme Mascara 10g Black: The Supreme mascara is ideal for lashes that deserve to be worshiped. An Absolutely Glamorous look you can trust to not flake or smear all day or night, in fact its so safe you can even sleep in it, and its easily removed with warm water.

    * Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine Anniversary 4.5g 8. Pale Rose: A plumping gloss for really full, sexy lips 24hrs a day. Our exclusive formula is a 3 in 1 self-renewing glossy colour, Microcollagen instant lip plumper, and long term anti-ageing lip treatment.

    * Bag Vanity Clutch All- Black: The new Black Sateen Vanity Clutch is a beauty lover must have! Ideal for stylish beauties on the go, you can keep your makeup and brushes and clean and protected in this waterproof wonder! With 5 brush holders and protective carrier alongside a separate zip storage for your favourite beauty essentials this clutch ticks all the boxes. Measures 21mmx11.5mmx4mm when closed.

    * Cat Eyes Liner 0.25g Kitty Brown: Create a cat-eye look in an instant with this high pigment crayon eyeliner created with hyper-smooth organic waxes and mineral pigments. It glides on and stays put all day. Complete with an inbuilt smudge applicator, this duet never needs to be sharpened. An absolute must-have accessory for your handbag!


    10 Collagen Cushion Compact Foundation:   Pearl Soft Skin -Excellent Nude Effect Buildable Coverag   Long Wearing -Humidity Resistant   Moisture Lock Effect- Hydrates Constantly   Liquid To Powder Finish - Acts To Control Oil   Natural Mineral SPF25+-  Acts As A  Shield   Wrinkle Care With Syn-Coll    Soothing Cooling Effect   Brightens Skin With Light Reflective Pigments For A Radiant Glow   10 Second Application Fills In Micro-lines Effectively   Convenient and Easy To Use Liquid In A Portable Compact

    Secret Weapon 24hr Supreme Mascara 10g Black: * The Supreme is gifted with the magical power to create dream lashes with supernatural means! 15 years in development Our Best New Mascara has arrived to deliver to you the most dramatic results with the minimal amount of effort, results so incredible that they have to be experienced to be believed.

    Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine Anniversary 4.5g 8. Pale Rose:  Collagen Microspheres swell on contact to plump the lips within 5 minutes.  Designed to instantly correct the appearance of dry thin lips. * Helps promote younger looking and perfectly plump lips without having to resort to invasive procedures. * Extremely long wearing, plus anti-feathering high intensity colour.

    Bag Vanity Clutch All- Black: * The ideal storage for your brushes and pencils makeup collection, at home or on the road!

    Cat Eyes Liner 0.25g Kitty Brown: * Ideal for lining your eyes for an alluring cat-eye effect. The dual applicator allows you to create dramatic looks on the go with an array of divine colours. Purr your way to sexy eyes!

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    10 Collagen Cushion Compact Foundation: * Use after serums, moisturiser or primer. Press the puff applicator into the cushion to pick up a small amount of liquid, then press and apply to clean skin one section at a time.Reapply to build more coverage as needed. May also be used around the eye area.When the puff no longer picks up product, open the compact and push the middle refill part out and replace with new a refill. Keep the compact tightly closed when not in use.

    Secret Weapon 24hr Supreme Mascara 10g Black: *  * First blink into the brush for your first stretch experience! Then use the tip sweeping vertically to find the tiniest lashes and load mascara for extra length on. Then sweep upwards in a horizontal motion for extra length +thickness. 

     Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine Anniversary 4.5g 8. Pale Rose: For even fuller lips and even longer wear apply lip liner first to outline the lips. * Apply directly to the lips with the applicator, purse lips together during wear to renew the shine. A slight swelling sensation is normal as lips plump. Apply one coat for a sheer glossy tint effect or add more coats for an ultra plump look. For even fuller lips and even longer wear apply lip liner first to outline the lips.

     Cat Eyes Liner 0.25g Kitty Brown: * Inner eye: Apply in short strokes close to the base of your eyelashes. Outer eye: Make lines as thick or as thin as you require. Use smudge applicator to create smokey effects.

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1 review

13 Vanilla - Great value bundle with excellent foundation

So pleased with this collection of products! The cushion foundation is really lovely to use, so quick and easy to apply, provides medium coverage, has a gorgeous luminous finish without being overly shiny or dewy and lasts quite well even on my combo skin. Will buy refills! The lip gloss is a pretty standard lip gloss which looks pink in the picture but is in fact quite a beige-nude, and does seem to be mildly plumping. The mascara is a lovely comfortable tubing formula which doesn't smudge or flake on me yet comes off without rubbing in the shower. The eyeliner was a disappointment and has very little colour payoff. The little clutch style makeup bag is very nice, and has good brush storage as long as your brush handles aren't too fat, and will hold the core essentials, but isn't very roomy. Overall, considering the foundation alone is worth the money, this was a great purchase!

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