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ESPADA Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen

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Cobalt Blue

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    The ESPADA™ is the high-tech answer to outdated acne creams and treatments that cause more harm than good. The professional-level device's dual-action technology (blue LED light +T-Sonic™ pulsations) penetrates below the skin’s surface deep within the follicles to quickly and non-invasively destroy acne-causing bacteria. In just 30 seconds, it will safely and effectively eliminate blemishes without irritation or discomfort. The result is skin that’s clear, purified, healthy and smooth. What’s more, the ESPADA™’s antibacterial and medical-grade silicone covering makes it the only silicone acne-treatment device, resulting reduced spread of germs on the skin and preventing irritation and discomfort.


    • Rapidly and gently clears acne blemishes.
    • Helps prevent future breakouts.
    • Reduces swelling and inflammation.
    • Regulates sebum production on targeted facial areas.
    • Leaves the skin clear, purified, healthy and smooth.

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