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Share the Handsome

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    The Share the Handsome set features three essential products that ensure men also enjoy healthy, young-looking skin. Packed with active ingredients, all three products were designed to target signs of ageing and repair sun-caused damages on the skin at the same time. This kit is all you need for clean, good-looking skin.

    This set contains:

    • Cleanser Anti-Aging
    • Toner Oil Control
    • Sun Protection Anti-Aging


    • A set that contains the essentials in men's skincare while fighting signs of ageing

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    DrGL Cleanser Anti-Aging: Work into a lather over face and body, paying special attention to often neglected areas such as the back of the neck. Rinse well.

    DrGL Toner Oil Control: Soak cotton pad with toner. Gently wipe over face and neck.

    DrGL Sun Protection Anti-Aging: Apply liberally at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply as needed, particularly after excessive perspiration, swimming and toweling.

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ratings & reviews
3 reviews

Great Products

Gave this one to my brother who really doesn't bother with skincare. He likes it and actually had used them ever since. You only get 10ml of each but the set is worth the price because these products really work. Skin looks brighter and smoother.

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Good for travel

This is a miniature version of the products I used currently by DRGL it's handy and easy to bring around for overseas trips. The anti aging wash is non drying and in fact very moisturising if you experience skin dryness esp on trips to cold countries. the only problem I have was that it leaks and quite wasteful

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Best Christmas Present

It's DrGL, yo! The packaging looks exquisite and classy. Made the present looked 10x more expensive. I thought it was quite costly since the three bottles come in 10ml each but the packaging really made up for it. Nothing can go wrong with DrGL products. Use them and be ready to shine!

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