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Sonic Radiance Brush Head

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    The Radiance Brush Head is specifically engineered with extra fine bristles to deliver a luxurious and highly- effective cleansing experience. This unique and patented brush head helps to remove sebum and surface- level pigmentation to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness. Compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.

    Compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.


    • Addresses dull skin, uneven skin tones, and pigmentation spots

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    To remove the brush head:

    • Grip the brush head firmly, then push and twist it counterclockwise (like a medicine cap)
    • Pull the head away from the handle.

    To attach the brush head:

    • Push down and twist the head clockwise until it snaps into place.
    • Be sure you hear a tight snap.
    • Use the brush head cap to easily remove and attach the brush head with a simple twist.

    Replacement Recommendation:

    • To keep your brush head clean, simply rinse the brush head with antibacterial soap and warm water.
    • We recommend replacing your Clarisonic brush head every 3 months.

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ratings & reviews
3 reviews

Soft & Good

This is my favourite clarisonic brushhead by far. Was using the sensitive and delicate ones before this and both felt nothing like this. This brush head feels very soft and comfy on my skin and it was as very pampering session while using it.

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Radiance Brush Head - too soft for me

I only use this brush head at night, after removed my makeup, but I feel this brush head was too soft and not really can clean my skin. However, I think this brush is still good to use in the morning. I probably will not repurchase this brush head again, but will purchase the Delicate Brush head.

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Love It

The original Clarisonic comes with sensitive brush head and i had purchase few different brush head to feel and see which works the best to my skin. Before this I am using Clarisonic Luxe high performance cashmere cleanse brush head but it kind of too soft and not much feeling. I like this one the most, It has the balance of hardness and softness I want. This is my go to brush head. 

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