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Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector

3 reviews

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Pistachio Violet Peach Papaya

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    A highly pigmented, targeted cream colour corrector that neutralizes discolourations while brightening up the complexion with light-reflecting pearls. 

    Backlight Targeted Colour Correctors feature a highly pigmented formula that neutralizes discoloration. This creamy formula is infused with subtle luminosity to blur the look of imperfections, leaving your skin looking corrected and luminous. 

    Pistachio: Neutralses redness
    This pistachio-tinted colour corrector neutralizes redness to even skin tone. 

    Violet: Neutralises dullness
    This violet-tinted colour corrector neutralizes dullness to brighten skin tone.  

    Papaya: Neutralises deep blue and green undertones
    This papaya-tinted colour corrector neutralizes deep blues and greens to even skin tone. 

    Peach: Neutralises dark Spots and pigmentation
    This peach-tinted colour corrector neutralises dark spots and hyperpigmentation to even skin tone. 

    Start with the appropriate shade for your colour correction needs:

    Pistachio: Lightly pat onto areas of redness, most common around the nose and center of the face..

    Violet: Lightly pat onto areas of dullness. 

    Papaya: Lightly pat onto areas of deep blues and greens.

    Peach: Lightly pat onto hyperpigmented areas on medium to deep bronze skin tones. 

    Then, layer your favourite concealer or foundation on top for a perfected complexion.   

All of our products are 100% authentic

ratings & reviews
3 reviews

Peach - Perfection in a container.

I would like to thank everybody for bringing colour correcting into mainstream cosmetics, because this baby here saved me from myself during exams. It takes a little longer to do my makeup yeah, but it's worth it when I don't need to be worrying about whether or not my extreme dark circles are making their way back to the front of my face. Literally a lifesaver.

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Violet - not good in malaysia

I have bought 3 color corrector from becca. And I confidently says that Becca backlight targeted color corrector is not suitable to be used in malaysia humid weather. urgh..... my face become very oily like it literally can be used to fry fish. Hate it so much. but, if it is used on very dry skin or in less humid country, maybe it will do wonders. When I first used one of the color to correct  my udereye circle and used concealer on top,  my dark circle definitely gone. Green color is used to cover my spider veins before applying my foundatin. Impressed for 1-2 hour. After that, the horror came. Oily  face like someone put cooking oil on me. hate it... 

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Peach - Love this

Love all my becca backlight correctors, got this in the color papaya and pistachio to fight the red spots and dark spots. IT does a great job and really corrects the problem areas. Only issue is that you need to let them sit for awhile before applying concealer or foundation on top. If not they tend to spread everywhere and then that defeats the purpose of spot correcting.

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